Okanogan County Animal Foster Care Association, known as Animal Foster Care Cat Shelter, is a non-profit, no-kill cat shelter dedicated to providing a safe haven for cats until they can find a home.

AFC is a no kill shelter. Only in extreme cases, where a cat has no hope of any quality of life, is it euthanized. Cats with treatable illnesses or diseases live out their lives at the shelter or in foster homes, and receive proper treatment or palliative care for the remainder of their lives.

AFC relies on three things to keep our doors open:

  1. Rent collected from a house donated by Marjorie Harper in 2003
  2. Adoption fees
  3. Donations from people like you!

Animal Foster Care Cat Shelter is always full to capacity, placing a constant strain on our volunteers and budget.

YOU CAN HELP by volunteering or donating today!